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Dear Customer,

Please note that for any Hong Kong Local Deliveries (except New Territories), Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) is 800HKD, for those who cannot reach the MOQ,  a Sum of HK Dollar Forty ($40) will be charged as a Minimum Delivery fee. 

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***Delivery Service for Hong Kong Customers
Yatawatte Loose Leaf 125g - 低海拔紅茶
Tin Caddy 125G Yata Watte
Udawatte Loose Leaf 125g - 中高海拔紅茶
Tin Caddy 125G Uda Watte
Ranwatte Loose Leaf 125g - 高海拔錫蘭紅茶
Tin Caddy 125G Ran Watte
Medawatte Loose Leaf 125g - 中海拔錫蘭紅茶
Tin Caddy 125G Meda Watte
Total entries : 5    ( Pages : 1 )

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